Toûa Heinonen: Maahan peseytyminen, Kehä-festivaali 2021, 7–9/10/2021, produced by Kulttuuriosuuskunta ILME, Oulu

Matkalla maan keskipisteeseen 2020,  3/2–25/4/2021, Museum of Saarijärvi, Saarijärvi, Finland

web matkalla maan keskipisteeseen

Metsämaa 3/6–2/7/2020, Museum of Keuruu, Keuruu, Finland


Practices for Aliveness, Galleria Valsa, Rovaniemi 14/1–4/2/2020

The Wrong Biennale 1/11/2019–1/3/2020, Centre del Carme, Valencia, Spain    Spamming  "A Year Without Water" worldwide. 

Bringing forth the inner earth at Third Space, Helsinki  9/8/2019

Sounds mined from earth, befriending the creatures we call trees 25–31/3/2019

Artist in Residence at Marpha Foundation 1–31/3/2019, Mustang, Nepal

13/3/2019  Artist talks 17:00 // Toûa Toûa (FIN), Sonia Rammer(PL), Daniel Lipschitz(USA) and  Derry Sheehan(AUS)
25–31/3/2019   Exhibition: Planting oneself to the womb of the mountains  + Tantric excercises with trees // Toûa Toûa (FIN) 
Documenta Exhibition of Art in Nature 4–13/9/2018 4/9/2018  
4/9/2018     Exhibition opening at 17:00 // Performance: Fred Martin (FR) and Matsuri Iwai (JP)

International Performance Art in Busan 24–25/8/2018

24/8/2018      Solo performance: Between chaos and order // Toûa Toûa(FIN)
25/8/2018      Group performance: For the uniting // Toûa Toûa(FIN), Lee Kuei-Chih(TW), Colling Mura-Smith(USA), Lafin Sawmah(TW), Sung Baeg(KR)

Jeonju International Performance Art Festival 14–16/8/2018

15/8/2018       Group performance: For the uniting // Toûa Toûa(FIN), Lee Kuei-Chih(TW), Colling Mura-Smith(USA), Lafin Sawmah(TW), Sung Baeg(KR), Im Tae Woong(KR)
16/8/2018       Solo performance: Circumstances from which it is difficult to escape // Toûa Toûa(FIN)

Experiments, performances and works in progress Open Arts Space Merge, Busan, South Korea

10/8/2018      Performace: Conversations with Mother Snake // Toûa Toûa

Artist in residence at Art In Nature, Open Arts Space Merge, Busan, South Korea july-september 2018

7/8/2018        Artist talk at 20:00, Art in Nature Studio in Flower Village
10/8/2018      Performance: Conversations with Mother Snake, Open Arts Space Merge
24/8/2018      Performance: Between chaos and order, Open Arts Space Merge
4/9/2018         Exhibition opening: Toûa Toûa, Lee Kuei-Chih, Colling Mura-Smith and Lafin Sawmah, Open Arts Space Merge

Support System by Harhama at Luppoaikaa 5. – 31.8.2018 Environmental art exhibition at Niihama Nature Trail, Niihamajärvi, Tampere, Finland

4/8/2018    Exhibition opening at 17:00

Samsara Hypnosis 6.4.-30.4.2018, DARC, Calçada do Desterro nº7, Lisboa, Portugal, Exhibition opening thursday 5.6. at 22:00

5/6/2018 Exhibition opening 22:00

Thursday March 22nd at 6:30pm, Galleria Ratamo for World Water Day in collaboration with Inner Nature Exhibition - Videoarte, ecología y contemplación, Luovan valokuvauksen keskus and Toûa Toûa with guest speakers Olli-Pekka Haavisto and Sade Hiidenkari

Keskisuomalaisessa syväluotaava arvio näyttelystä A Year Without Water

Keskiviikkona 14.3.2018, Keskisuomalainen
A Year Without Water 8.3.-1.4.2018, Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä
7/3/2018 Exhibition opening 17:00
A Surreal Vision │Mostra Collettiva Fotografica - Grafica 1.-30.6.2017
My photography artwork was selected as part of a group exhibition exposing a "Surreal Vision" of today's society, Surreal avant-garde inspiration and an interpretation of today's reality increasingly influenced by new media and technologies. So if in Rome, be sure to go check it out!
Artists 21 / 30 June - Beata Podwysocka, Berta Martirosyan, Boris Marinin, Brandon Halley, Christine Miess, Emanuele Amighetti, Hana Sackler, Heather Ross, Ja Turla, Joshua Sarinana, Mar Kaczmarek, Maryna Makarenko, Natalia Lucia, Nhawfal Juma'at, Paola Cerroni, Rebecca Eskilsson, Rene Maurin, Steven Bowers, TOÛA TOÛA, Veronica Liuzzi, Weronika Jedrzejczak